Don’t add to the public debt

The United States Treasury can fund all infrastructure and recovery programs with USA Treasury issued bonds debt free. It does not need to run this through the banking system. In fact, the Treasury can issue its own lending to the economy at a modest interest and collect that interest as income.

Ford Edison
NY Times December 6, 1921

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison saw the nature of the money problem when the Federal Reserve’s intentions were first exposed. The media could still report negatively against the nature of the debt money system. Imagine if they could only see our money system now that is built upon thin air. They give a very logical argument against usury and for the government to issue debt free money to support production.

Here is an article from the New York Times December 6, 1921.


Says Development Will Bring Great Prosperity to That Section of the South


Special to the New York Times

Thomas A. Edison endorsed Mr. Ford’s views…. he is very earnest in his support of Ford’s suggestion by which the Government can complete the property and make its operation possible without cost, by issuing currency against the property instead of interest-bearing bonds….

Support for Ford’s Currency Plan

On the point of Mr. Ford’s suggestion to the Government for financing the completion of the dam, Mr. Edison reiterated his belief that it was a good plan and that if only the currency method is tried in raising money for public improvements, this country will never go back to the borrowing method.

“Make it perfectly clear that I’m not advocating any changes in banks and banking,” said Mr. Edison. “Banks are a mighty good thing. They are essential to the commerce of the country. It is the money broker, the money profiteer, the private banker that I oppose. They gain their power through a fictitious and false value given to gold.