Money over time

You can also see a definite shift in our money from debt-free to 99 percent debt. The Federal Reserve Dollars come from money that banks loan into the economy. Note the enormous growth in the amount of Federal Reserve Dollars in the past few decades. These new types of Federal Reserve Dollars are printed, and if they run out of paper, they can put the values in the computer or put more significant numbers on the paper bills.

Through our history, there was a shift in types of money
1620 to 1913. Money is primarily commodity-backed. Most of the money that came into circulation were gold and silver. There were other forms of money in colonial times. Most money is debt-free, while debt money is for mortgages and commerce.

1913 to 1965. There is a steady shift from United States dollars to Federal Reserve dollars: debt-free money to debt-based money.

1965 to 2008. Debt-free US dollars are gone, and close to 100 percent of the money is Federal Reserve Dollars backed by US Government debt.
2008 to today. Money today is backed by US Government debt, sub-prime mortgages, and bad commercial debt.